InCareK12 recently completed a project to make Perry County Schools in Alabama more secure.

Perry County Schools received nearly $400,000 in federal grant funding to purchase security equipment, including surveillance cameras and door access control. They turned to the education and security experts at InCareK12.

The experienced team helped with both planning and implementation, including connecting the school system with a grant management program.

“During the implementation phase, we were very impressed with their communication, willingness to listen to OUR needs and goals, and expertise,” said Marcia Smiley, superintendent at Perry County Schools. “lnCare made planning for this project very easy and fun to be a part of. We also appreciated their professionalism while onsite with students and staff. The crew made an incredible effort to be as distraction-free and respectful as possible!”

The InCare team provided software to manage the surveillance system. Smiley commented on the software’s capability and ease of use.

“The software to manage the surveillance system offers tons of features and analytics that we could not find in other systems while still prioritizing ease of use, future proof, and scalability.”

“The price point is very affordable, and best of all, there are NO recurring costs. What we appreciate most about the video management system is how user-friendly it is.”

Smiley also mentioned they have received encouraging words from local law enforcement, praising the upgraded surveillance system. She also called out a special member of the InCare team.

“We can’t say enough about Jay – he’s a thrill to work with and makes you feel like we’re all on the same team! He takes the time to help with issues rather that’s during work hours or over the weekend. If needed onsite, he will get there. You can also sense that he’s trusted amongst his peers, very hardworking, and has a real passion to help make schools safer and better! Every project needs a Jay Brown!”

Now that this phase of the project is complete, the team is planning future phases, including door access control. The team is looking forward to assisting the school system make an even safer environment for students.

“I would recommend this surveillance solution to any superintendent or school district!” said Smiley. “It’s already served our school district well and will continue to do so. You WILL get the best bang for your buck! There’s no other team that I would recommend over Jay and lnCare K12 – they did an incredible job and we look forward to future projects!”