Expertise. Teamwork. Communication.

These are all things clients look for in our projects.

And that is what Marion County Public Schools received from the InCareK12 team during a recent RUS installation.

Marion County Public Schools, a 2021 USDA RUS Grant recipient, is one of six recipients in Kentucky. The InCare team has helped Marion County Public Schools with nearly $300,000 in grant funding, planning, and installation.

The project also included five community partners for additional education opportunities.

RUS installation photos for Marion County Schools

Jason Simpson, Director of Communications at Marion County Public Schools, had this to say about the project headed by the InCareK12 team.

“Considering the amount of equipment and number of sites, the installation could not have gone more smoothly. The InCare team not only did a thorough job making sure our equipment was installed correctly and operational, they were also top notch when it came to communication throughout the entire process. All in all, it was incredibly seamless.”

Jay Brown, InCareK12’s Education and Security Specialist, had equally complimentary words to share.

“The Marion team was great to work with from beginning to end,” said Jay. “They not only gave us the room to be the experts and trusted our guidance, but they also made sure that they were very involved and helped our team be successful. It was truly a team effort!”

Equipment installation is not the only specialty of InCareK12. The team plans to follow up the successful install at Marion County Public Schools with professional development for the district, which will happen in August, right before the start of the new school year.

RUS installation photos for Marion County Schools