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Teacher engaging students with ViewSonic interactive board

A Potent “One-Stop Shop”

The myViewboard software is FREE and can combine many tools you’ve already been using into a one-stop shop! From screen recording, cloud synchronization, translating, closed captions, and more.

If your district has one panel or 1,000, the myViewboard software is waiting for you!

The myViewboard software and web-based program can be used on legacy panels as well, helping create consistency in the resources that all teachers and students have access to, regardless of the brand of panel you may have in existing classrooms. Let us help you get started today!

Take Control With Device Management

In addition to the myViewboard software, ViewSonic’s NEW Device Management piece is TOP NOTCH! Tech directors and Administrators can see panel usage data, turn off panels, send alert messages, media, and more- all from one admin portal website!

Device Management is a super easy way to control your existing legacy panels. The free version can do so much and is included with your panel purchase, but the pro version offers even more value to this tool.

Looking for a Better Way?

Visualize your ideas, lessons, and more with myViewBoard. Learn more by watching the video overview below:

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