September 5, 2023 marked a historic day for Pryor Public Schools as they unveiled their new distance learning program, offering college courses through Little Big Horn College for the very first time.

Through a fully accredited, transferable college level course, the first students enrolled in Crow Language I, taught by a live instructor from Little Big Horn college.

The opportunity to introduce this dynamic instructional technique to isolated and rural Pryor County, Montana, was made possible by a grant from the USDA called the Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant. And InCareK12 played a vital role in transforming this vision into reality by providing grant support and implementing the complete project, which comprised numerous high-tech equipment installations.



In August 2023, InCareK12 completed the installation of new equipment, including a distance learning center at Arrow Creek Elementary School, an upgraded boardroom, and a telemedicine station. The equipment at Pryor County and Little Big Horn College enabled students to receive live instruction, which would have been a far cry from the isolated and rural location if not for this initiative.

The new boardroom setup was also put to good use right away when the school board used it for their August meeting. Randy Falls Down, IT Services Director, remarked on the exceptional quality of the equipment, applauding the sound quality and noting that the recording was just like being in the room. “Amazing equipment. Worked wonderful for our board meeting Zoom. Recording was just like being in the room. Sound quality absolutely perfect.”

Pryor, Montana, classroom technology

Looking forward, the possibilities opened up from this new technology are limitless as Pryor Public Schools intends to partner with additional colleges and universities, expand the offerings from Little Big Horn College, and even offer CNA courses through the telemedicine station.

Falls Down summed it up perfectly, saying, “From what began three long years ago as a dream to write a distance learning technology grant … will become a reality today.”

InCareK12 is proud to have played a vital role in making this learning experience possible. Thank you to Pryor Public Schools for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you and be part of your journey into the future of education!