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Alerting your school students and staff shouldn’t be complicated!

More often than not, school intercom systems are outdated, difficult to use, and disrupt instructional time for everyone when only a few teachers or students need the announcement. We’ve got solutions that can help overhaul your current system or supplement our solutions with what you’ve already got!

The Most Versatile & Advanced

Educational Facility Communication System

Valcom’s Class Connection, microprocessor-based paging system, is easily integrated via any telephone system, VoIP-SIP, traditional trunk ports or standalone single-line telephones.

It offers easy configuration, easy programming and provides a feature rich, advanced communication solution!

Contact Information - Sales Reps

Jay Brown – Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma
- 205-223-8094
Josh Howard – South Alabama, Southwest Georgia, Florida - 334-320-3602
Kristy Howard – Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia - 901-461-9405
Joan McRae – North Alabama, West Tennessee - 256-642-9799
Betsy Mitchell – East Alabama, Louisiana - 334-313-1524
Mark Adams – Oklahoma, Texas
- 214-609-7289
Jon Parks
- 901-484-4211

Contact Information - Support Team

Brigitte Reid – Project Coordinator - - 334-819-1042
Brianna Roberts – K12 Education Consultant -
- 334-819-1041
Pam Williams – Director of Operations - - 334-819-1038

Birmingham Office


600 Lakeshore Pkwy.
Birmingham, AL 35209


Montgomery Office


1310 Old Oak Pl
Montgomery, AL 36117


Meridian Office - Logistics


2121 5th Street Suite 306
Meridian, MS 39301