RUS Grant Assistance

Teacher using interactive panel funded by RUS Grant

Assisting Districts in Obtaining and Implementing a Game-Changing Grant

The Rural Utility Service (RUS) Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) Grant is a federal grant funded by the USDA to implement distance learning solutions or telemedicine equipment.

The grant funds hardware, software, licenses, installation, training, maintenance, and more. InCareK12 partners with an industry leader specializing in identifying, securing, and managing grant funding for clients in private, non-profit, and public sectors.

InCareK12 has a long-standing partnership with funding experts to assist districts in obtaining and implementing this game-changing grant across the Southeastern United States.

We are continually developing configurations with the best in telecommunications equipment to upgrade the distance learning equipment in your schools! This grant is scored by measuring rurality and poverty.

There is also a special consideration announced each year that can boost your score even more! The best news is it only requires a 13% match of the total project!

Contact Information - Sales Reps

Jay Brown – Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma
- 205-223-8094
Josh Howard – South Alabama, Southwest Georgia, Florida - 334-320-3602
Kristy Howard – Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia - 901-461-9405
Joan McRae – North Alabama, West Tennessee - 256-642-9799
Betsy Mitchell – East Alabama, Louisiana - 334-313-1524
Mark Adams – Oklahoma, Texas
- 214-609-7289
Jon Parks
- 901-484-4211

Contact Information - Support Team

Brigitte Reid – Project Coordinator - - 334-819-1042
Brianna Roberts – K12 Education Consultant -
- 334-819-1041
Pam Williams – Director of Operations - - 334-819-1038

Birmingham Office


600 Lakeshore Pkwy.
Birmingham, AL 35209


Montgomery Office


1310 Old Oak Pl
Montgomery, AL 36117


Meridian Office - Logistics


2121 5th Street Suite 306
Meridian, MS 39301