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Poly Studio

Students may be back in the classroom, but there is still a need for great video conferencing systems! The Poly Studio USB or StudioX series is your “go-to” solution!

Pair your interactive display with a Poly Studio USB camera, and you have your own “teaching studio.”

The Poly Studio USB is a plug-and-play web camera that works with your choice of conferencing software, but it also has advanced features allowing it to operate like a portable “film studio.”

Presenter tracking flawlessly follows the teacher around the room with a 4K camera and 5x’s Zoom with no special lanyard or device needed.

The Studio has automatic face and voice detection. Noise suppression and acoustic fencing both eliminate distracting noises by suppressing unwanted noises (keyboards for instance) and creating a virtual “fence” where nothing outside the teacher’s range of motion is heard!

Did we mention this is totally portable and has a remote? From home-bound students, virtual field trips, alternative school, professional development across districts, teacher observations, and more – the ideas are endless!


If Virtual learning taught us anything, it is that distractions are everywhere! Headsets are needed for students in and out of the physical school building. Ours provide automatic noise block and acoustic fencing to provide the most distraction free learning and optimize instructional time. Even better- there is a two year “no questions asked” replacement warranty!

Document Camera

To complete your classroom or portable distance learning solution, pair a high quality DC-07 document camera with your PC and the myViewBoard for Windows software from ViewSonic (remember, the software is free!).

The camera makes viewing 3D objects or experiments easy with 1080p resolution and up to 8x’s zoom.

This camera can also record your experiment at 15 frames per second, and has a built in mic. Finally, it is USB Powered from your device. Use this during your class or online teaching to focus on important objects, details, and documents

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