Reviews and Testimonials

What Do Our Customers Say About InCareK12?

At InCareK12, we take customer satisfaction seriously. Serving our customers is our priority.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say.

Using Our Collective Strengths

“I think we’ve seen that by working together, coming together, using our collective strengths that we can accomplish a great deal more.”

–Greg Mullins, Superintendent, Wise County Schools, VA

It’s a Personal Touch

“When you take time to come to Radford when you’re an hour and a half away and you could easily do a zoom call or something. It’s a personal touch that we just don’t receive from other organizations.”

–Robert Graham, Radford City Schools, VA

It Was Really Easy

“It was really easy. They came in and did everything. We scheduled and worked around our construction. InCare was really accommodating on that part.”

–Tara White, Pearl River Schools, Mississippi

Contact Information - Sales Reps

Jay Brown – Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma
- 205-223-8094
Josh Howard – South Alabama, Southwest Georgia, Florida - 334-320-3602
Kristy Howard – Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia - 901-461-9405
Joan McRae – North Alabama, West Tennessee - 256-642-9799
Betsy Mitchell – East Alabama, Louisiana - 334-313-1524
Mark Adams – Oklahoma, Texas
- 214-609-7289
Jon Parks
- 901-484-4211

Contact Information - Support Team

Brigitte Reid – Project Coordinator - - 334-819-1042
Brianna Roberts – K12 Education Consultant -
- 334-819-1041
Pam Williams – Director of Operations - - 334-819-1038

Birmingham Office


600 Lakeshore Pkwy.
Birmingham, AL 35209


Montgomery Office


1310 Old Oak Pl
Montgomery, AL 36117


Meridian Office - Logistics


2121 5th Street Suite 306
Meridian, MS 39301