InCare K12 and Rockcastle County Schools, KY are thrilled to complete the installation of interactive flat panels and distance learning equipment through a DLT grant funded by the USDA. Rockcastle County Schools was awarded a grant from the USDA to purchase interactive flat panel displays and distance learning equipment that will be used in classrooms throughout the district. The new equipment will help bring new technologies into classrooms, allowing students and teachers to work collaboratively on projects and better utilize resources available on the Internet.


Rockcastle administration is thrilled to see teachers already utilizing new equipment.

Teachers are already starting to use the equipment in the classroom, and Rockcastle administration is thrilled to see their excitement.

classroom technology presentation

“Wow! What can we say … install in less than a week, with technology in use for PD on Friday! The new technology will advance instruction in all classrooms at RCHS and RATC, all libraries and connect students with mental health professionals across our district and beyond!” says Jenny Sweet, an administrator with Rockcastle County Schools

The new equipment was already in use on Friday, August 5th for professional development for the upcoming school year after being installed throughout the week.


Rockcastle County Schools receives interactive flat panels and distance learning equipment through a DLT grant

Rockcastle County Schools received a major classroom upgrade through a DLT Grant from the United Stated Department of Agriculture. Interactive flat panels and distance learning equipment have been purchased for use in all high school classrooms at Rockcastle. These items will help to increase student engagement and improve education outcomes for students throughout the district as well as giving students access to mental health professionals. Additionally, equipment was placed with Rockcastle’s partners, Rockcastle Regional Hospital and Respiratory Care Center and Somerset Mental Health.

Rockcastle County, KY qualified for the grant through the Rural Utility Services program of the USDA. As an extremely rural county in Kentucky with high economic need, Rockcastle County’s unique demographics made it a perfect fit for this grant. A partnership with InCare K12, the equipment provider developed as both groups worked together to dream this project into reality.

InCare K12 is thrilled to see this project come into fruition. Many months of dreaming, planning, hard work, and waiting are all finally being realized in Rockcastle County. The immediate impact this equipment will have on teachers and students will be so exciting for all of us to watch. InCare K12 partners with many districts each year to apply for this grant. If you are interested in knowing more about this opportunity, please contact InCare K12 at 901-461-9405 or email