It was a great time in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

The Alabama Leaders in Educational Technology (ALET) hosts their annual summer conference at the beach. The three-day event is always packed with speakers and vendors from across the southeast region. This year, participants were able to learn about educational technology for grades K-12. InCareK12 brought several products to share including our Viewsonic interactive panels and classroom collaboration board, eGlass™.

What is ALET?

Alabama Leaders in Educational Technology (ALET) is a non-profit organization that strives to promote the use of technology in Alabama schools and districts. ALET offers professional development programs for school leaders, teachers, and administrators throughout the state of Alabama. The organization has more than 500 members from public schools across Alabama, including charter schools, private schools and homeschool organizations.

ALET works closely with state legislators to ensure that policies are equitable for all students regardless of their circumstances or location within the state of Alabama.

By providing resources such as grants and scholarships through our annual conference, ALET can provide opportunities for teachers and administrators alike who would not have access to them otherwise!

eGlass – the new whiteboard!

InCare K12 demonstrated eGlass, which is a classroom technology that is easy to use, affordable and can be used by any teacher and student. eGlass is a digital whiteboard that can be used on any device with a screen. The app allows teachers to easily share their computer screen with the class on an interactive whiteboard. Teachers also have access to all of their files (documents and more) via eGlass Cloud storage for students who join at home or other devices like iPads in the classroom!

Classroom technology, funding opportunities and fun

InCare K12 shared classroom technology, funding opportunities and fun with Alabama Leaders in Educational Technology (ALET) during the Summer Conference.

InCare highlighted their eGlass product as well as Poly distance learning equipment, Viewsonic panels and more. We also were excited to share our unique knowledge of funding opportunities and grant management support with districts who are eligible for many opportunities they’ve yet to hear about!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the ALET Summer Conference and the InCareK12 team’s experience there.

We had a great time and we’re already looking forward to next year!