InCare K12 and Thrive are excited to share the installation of telehealth equipment for Whatley Health Services in West Alabama. Whatley Health Services provides primary health care services to both insured and uninsured people in West Alabama. The new equipment will help bring health care services to a whole new population of Alabama residents by increasing access to care services. 


Whatley Health Services adds three telemedicine carts to offices

Imagine cutting your travel time in half to see a medical professional. Thanks to the addition of three telemedicine carts, patients of Whatley Health Services have increased access to medical care and the ability to reduce their travel time and costs dramatically. The Poly Telehealth Station, an all-in-one healthcare video communications system, includes full HD audio and video, 24” medical grade touchscreen monitor, content annotation and digital whiteboarding capabilities. The carts, sold by Thrive and installed by InCareK12, include a Poly Eagle Eye IV camera, JedMed Horus Scope and Littman CORE stethoscope. This equipment allows the physician to check the eyes, mouth, ears, and heart using the cart’s otoscope and stethoscope.  What the doctor sees inside the ear, the patient can see as well through the screen on the cart, which is simply not possible with an in-person visit. 

telehealth stations

Additionally, the carts allow for continual 8 hours of use once fully charged. The medical visits are conducted via Zoom Room calls over ethernet or wifi. This flexibility allows the carts to access a variety of locations and move seamlessly from room to room as needed to serve the patients of Whatley Health Services. 

InCare K12 partners with healthcare providers, institutions of higher education and K12 school districts to provide equipment related to telehealth services in addition to our classroom technology solutions. We’d love to share these solutions with you, please contact InCare K12 at 901-461-9405 for additional information about how we can help you support your patients or students with this incredible telehealth solution.